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PICAXE  Projects:  Serial LCD Driver





Testing & Operation


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A lil' history ...
    This serial LCD projects evolved around a pre-programmed PIC designed by Peter H. Anderson of Morgan State University.  Peter has been selling these Serial LCD PICs on Ebay and I just happened to locate and purchased one from him during the Summer of 2005.  Peter sells many variants of this kit, one (LCD#108) that interfaces with the Picaxe 08M (2400 baud) or another kit (LCD#106) that supports the higher end Picaxes (i.e. 18X which communicates at 9600 baud).  This PCB I designed is based around Peter's Serial LCD #108 Kit (2400 baud) as I planned to use it with a Picaxe 08M.  This project explains how to build your very own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the #108 kit, which includes the PIC and all other associated components (i.e. resonator, resistors, capacitors, etc...).  You could always breadboard the kit but I thought it would be neat to design a neat compact circuitboard that will make LCD interfacing easy (i.e. plug & play).  In the near future, I plan to redesign the board to accommodate both the 2400 and 9600 baud kit version (minor changes needed).  Again, the PCBs shown here are only for Peter's LCD#108 kit.

More information on the #108 Serial LCD kit can be found at http://phanderson.com/lcd106/lcd108.html

..more coming soon

Design Criteria Summary:

1) Compact circuitboard for Peter Anderson's Serial LCD Kit (#108)
2) Utilize all components that came with kit
3) PCB should use mating header such to easily connect to most LCD displays
4) Variable Backlight control

Parts & Tools List ...

1) ...more coming soon

Building Instructions...

...more coming soon



PIC firmware is property of Peter H. Anderson... please contact Peter with any questions/comments

DIYRC.com therefore can only supports questions/comments regarding the PCB for this project.


Testing and Operation Instructions...

1. TBD

Additional Notes...

The PCB shown below was designed such to accommodate both types of LCD headers (either on top or on side).  If the LCD uses a horizontal, top header, you can simply snip off the top portion of the PCB that is used for the side header connection.

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