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PICAXE  Projects:  "MINI-VOLT"





Testing & Operation


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A lil' history ...
    This project involved the building of "MINI-VOLT", an R/C Battery Voltage Monitor using the PICAXE microcontroller.  This gadget also is capable of recording 240 voltage samples, from rates ranging from two sample per second (2 minutes total), to two samples per minute (120 minutes total). After collecting its required samples, the use can hook up "Mini-Volt" to its programming/download cable and read the samples, whereas you can then plot the recorded voltage data.  An integrated Low-Voltage Alarm (LVA) is also included in the design and notifies the user when approaching low voltage levels by flashing a bright LED and/or by stuttering the ESC.


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Design Criteria Summary:

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Parts & Tools List ...

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Building Instructions...

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Testing and Operation Instructions...

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Additional Notes...

SPECS:                For Initial Voltage                Pack Type/Size                 Cutoff Voltage

                            5.30V to 7.15V                     NiCd/NiMH,                     5 Cells 5.30.1V

                            7.16V to 8.55V                     NiCd/NiMH,                     6 Cells; 2C LiPo 5.30.1V

                            8.56V to 9.95V                     NiCd/NiMH,                     7 Cells 5.40.1V

                            9.96V to 11.21V                   NiCd/NiMH,                     8 Cells 7.50.1V

                            11.22V to 12.45V                 NiCd/NiMH,                     9 Cells; 3C LiPo 8.40.1V

                            12.46V to 14.50V                 NiCd/NiMH,                     10 Cells 10.00.1V

                            14.51V to 16.05V                 NiCd/NiMH,                     11 Cells 10.30.1V

                            16.06V and Up                     NiCd/NiMH,                      12 Cells; 4C LiPo 11.00.1V

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